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Welcome to the Player Rankings Page. Each player gets ranked at 4 levels;

Tavern Ranking  = Avg. of the Top 15 scores at a single tavern.

Regional Ranking  = Avg. of the Top 20 scores at any tavern in your region

State Ranking  = Avg. of the Top 25 scores at any tavern in the state.

National Ranking  = Avg. of the Top 30 scores at any tavern in the country.

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Points: Average of the top 30 scores of a player.

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RankUser NameNameScoringStateCity
clickedy   11830 PA hallstead
kirkglimp1   11475 NC greensboro
valjewell   11328 CT New Milford
ladyv1625   11275 VA Fredericksburg
Donnello   11242 NC CONCORD
Rod Sams   11022 MD Columbia
raiderxx4   10983 MD Lanham
wsdorsey   10883 NC Raleigh
sammyb   10325 NC clayton
UnstoppaBill   10228 NC Wilmington
Maceiyf27   10148 VA Arlington
1elmoboy1964   9850 VA Elmo
playthaflop1   9758 VA Thaxton
uncmark   9758 NC burlington
wiseguy1   9583 PA Jacobus
Ugabu11dawgs   9564 VA Hampton
whygetfaded   9425 NC Fayetteville
Scrappledad   9232 PA York
REE   9227 NY New City
MsDMs   9203 NY Greenwood Lake
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