World Tavern Poker always asks all of our players to Be The Best Poker Customer They Can Be by continuing to support the bars that host our league.

With that in mind, our new Best Poker Customer program is designed to better promote being a great poker customer throughout the league, AND to reward players and TD's for their participation.

Get all the details on the Best Customer program by clicking here.

National Best Customer Ranking

Best Customer Points: Total Best Customer Points achieved by Player.

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RankUser NameNamePtsStateCity
1 zeke18Williams Zeke33NCConcord
2 raiderxx4Riley Chris24MDLanham
3 ShawnMCMcMichael Shawn22NCFort Bragg
4 Moonshine RallyWoods Jimmy21NYSlate Hill
5 Sirrah@acsalaska.netHarris Joreen18AKKenai
6 grasshopper129Lopilato Roxanne18NYGreenwood Lake
7 mzbmer@yahoo.comThompson Mona Lisa18MDWaldorf
8 grantt2grant tim17VAbowling green
9 LAS999Sisto Lisa17NJMontvale
10 sthompsoThompson Suong17VAFalls Church
11 cedric.james82@gmail.comJames Shaun16NCGreensboro
12 QuickdriveMack Roberta16NCHuntersville
13 AAallinMessina Frank 16NYMonroe
14 loupilchpilch lou15PAmoosic
15 pttternosky paul15PAEaston
16 Bill8420Tompson Bill15NCHolly Ridge
17 BetsyNorton@dmandtalent.comBarrios Betsy14NYPearl River
18 bocceplayerbrennan susan14NJBrick
19 Huckleberry ReckonHendricksen K14VAAnnandale
20 glucas22Lucas Godffrey14NCCharlotte
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