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How it works: We have partnered with NLOP to offer free World Tavern Poker tournaments online, where we will be giving away WSOP Circuit Event Packages EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

The WTP Online TOC runs on the 15th of every month. Event start time is 9pm EST.

Simply come in Top 3 at any WTP TOC bar and you will qualify! Whichever month you qualify, you will play in the next month's Online TOC. So if you qualify in the month of November, you will play your online tournament in December - keep this in mind!

Only those that have qualified will be eligible to play. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified from that event and all future online TOC's. NO EXCEPTIONS!

HOW TO SIGN UP: Use this link to sign up: Click Here

It takes only a few seconds to sign up! You MUST use the above link so NLOP knows that you are affiliated with World Tavern Poker (and remember, it is COMPLETELY free to play on NLOP). Once you register, a screen will come up that says "Congratulations. You have successfully registered." On this same screen will be a blinking red box. You MUST click this box to download the gaming software onto your computer. This is where you will play all your tournaments.

If you do not get this screen, you may use this link to download the software:

I signed up! What happens next?

1. You will receive an email notification by the 10th of the month from NLOP inviting you to the tournaments. If you have not received an invite, please try to register anyway, as sometimes emails get caught in spam filters.
2. Register for the WTP Online TOC.
3. Log on to NLOP on the 15th of the month by 8:50pm and be ready to win your WSOP Package!

To register: Log on to the NLOP software, click the “Tournaments” tab, and from there click the “Featured” tab (on far right). The tournaments will appear in chronological order - click on the WTP Online TOC and register (only players submitted via World Tavern Poker will be allowed to play).

All registered players will receive an email reminder to check in about 10 minutes before the start of the tournament.

YOU MUST UPDATE YOUR WORLD TAVERN PROFILE! Log into the World Tavern Poker site and click on MY PROFILE. Scroll down the page and enter your NLOP username. Click save at the bottom of the page - that's it! However, if you do not update your profile, you will not be able to play!

POINTS & PROFILES MUST BE UPDATED! All WTP player profiles must be updated by the 5th of the month at 5:00pm! 
There are no exceptions to this! The qualified player report will be generated at 6:00pm on the 5th of every month. Any tournaments or profiles that have not been updated will not count! Contact your bar or TD right away to ensure the games are updated and please double check your WTP profiles to make sure your NLOP username and email address has been added.

If you have any issues, please call Rose at 919-293-1087
 or email her at DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! Make sure you follow the above instructions!

  • Top three scores must come from TOC bars - these bars MUST have the TOC logo next to the bar name in the register for events section of the WTP website. If the TOC logo is not there, players placing in the top 3 will not qualify.
  • All online tournament winners will be cross checked against the qualified player list. If a player wins who is not on the qualified player list, they will be disqualified and barred from all future Online TOC's. The prize will be paid to the next qualified player.
  • All winners are responsible for any tax liability they may incur from winning a prize or prizes from World Tavern Poker.
  • World Tavern Poker can not be held liable for any tournament interruptions or problems with the NLOP site.


It says I already have an account?

It is possible that someone else has already signed up on that computer, or you had an account from a partnered website. You can only have one account per computer, per person. Try accessing the email associated with your original signup for password retrieval.

What if I already had an NLOP account?
You can still play in any monthly WTP Online TOC event! Just follow the registration steps outlined above.

What if my TD hasn’t updated scores in time?

We will be stressing to the TD's to get those scores updated ASAP. However, if scores are not updated, unfortunately you will not qualify to play. Contact your TD's to get their scores updated within 48 hours of each event.

If I win, which TOC event will I qualify for?
For the monthly $500 WSOP Package, you earn a birth into the Harrah’s WSOP Circuit Event held in Atlantic City each November or December. If you win the $1,500 WSOP Package, you will be playing at the Rio in Las Vegas the following summer.

How do I know if I signed up for the right tournament?
If you don’t see the World Tavern Poker logo when you register for an event, or don't see our logo on the poker table when you are playing, you might not be playing in the right tournament. If you have any issues, call Rose at

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